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    Fully Defining a sketch for a design table

    Anthony Irwin

      I must apologize for the amount of questions I've been posting, but rest assured before I post anything I try to exhaust all options, and do search google and help.


      Once again however I'm stuck on what is probably a simple matter of defining a part that I want to create a design table for.


      I'm drawing a TriClamp end cap reducer(s) and can't seem to fully define my sketch such that I can change a dimension without throwing everything out of whack... namely the grooves. Everything else will move together except the grooves for the gaskets.


      Could anyone help me fully define this sketch so I can create a design table for it??  I'm not sure which relations I should add again.

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          Sandip Darveshi

          Dear as you seems to be very much novice user, please do learn the Geometry first then do learn the relations in SolidWorks too.


          All the best

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              Anthony Irwin

              I am a novice user, and I'm trying to learn that stuff. I'm not coming here asking for people to do these things for me, but to assist me in learning how to do them myself.


              I appreciate what you did defining the drawing for me, but I still have no greater an understanding of what I was doing incorrectly.


              for my own attempt I was trying to reduce the number of dimensions I had to place as it was starting to get out of hand.


              Did you just add dimensions or did you add relations as well?

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                  Sandip Darveshi

                  Dear Anthony,


                  In your model you tried to define your sketch, but you also need to define the sketch wrt the Origin too.

                  So for best practice

                  1.     always do define what is origin of sketch and start the sketch from Origin.

                  2.     Instead of preparing whole sketch and then defining it, go by defining the entities as you place by assigning relations in sketch.

                  3.     Always prefer light relations. for example horizontal and vertical instead of perpendicular

                  4.     Prefer Minimum number of sketch relations

                  5.     Ensure that your sketch is not too complicated to handle, if so, break it to make it simple

                  6.     Don't make use of In-context relations or avoid it.

                  7.     For sketches make use of planes instead of surfaces.


                  I hope this will guide you to have good start in Modelling. All the best.


                  And dear here no need to hesitate to ask anyone anything. I always seen full cooperation here.




                  Sandip Darveshi

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                Glenn Schroeder

                I would start with placing your sketch in relation to the origin, probably by making both construction lines coincident with it.  After that, you just need to add dimensions and relations to finish defining it.  For one example, while it looks like the bottom horizontal lines of your sweep are on the horizontal construction line, they aren't coincident with it.  You can click on them and drag them away from it.  Also, no length is set for the short vertical line at the bottom left corner, and the grooves are nowhere close to being fully defined.  While you have their position defined in one direction, their depth, width, etc. aren't defined.  Those are just a couple of examples


                Start clicking on entities and trying to drag them to see what moves, then hit the Back button and place a dimension or relation to lock down what moved.  Repeat the process until everything turns from blue to black.  It will seem tedious, and probably frustrating at first, it will get better with practice.

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                  Anthony Irwin

                  Thanks for the input guys, I don't know what happened but when I started drawing this I was relative to the origin. I placed two infinite length construction lines and built it from there.


                  I'm not really sure how anything got moved or why that bottom line isn't coincident because it should be.


                  I'll keep playing with it and going over your suggestions. I've learned quite a bit in the last week or so as well as some new techniques and things I didn't learn in my course