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Thermal expansion of beam

Question asked by Chan Alex on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by bill campbell

Hi, seems there are so many professional solidworks users! I am a new one and looking for some help.

I am doing a simulation about a beam in thermal expansion and have found a strange result.


study : static

material : alloy steel

fixtures: one end and all supports

temperature change : +30K

mesh: default


Model 1: a 500mm beam with five supports

The max. displacement is1.395e-001mm


Model 2: a 1000mm beam with 10 supports

The max. displacement is 1.404e-001mm


When I keep increase the length of beam to 5000mm with 50 supports, the max. displacement is similar to the model 1 and model 2. So, is it a reasonable result or something I have set wrong?