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    motion study fluid flow

    Chris Phillips

      I am beginning to start make an assembly for an extensive video with motion study. What I will be trying to illustrate in the video is water moving through a pump and pipe system. Using motion study, I know I could make multiple different "water" parts and have the video start with them hidden and have the "water" parts show up to appear as if there is water flow. I am thinking there is an easier way (that would look more like water flow) to do this for illustration purposes. I want it to appear as if water is flowing through the pipe so I don't think animating a flow simulation would be helpful (the arrows wouldn't cut it for what I am trying to do). Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


      I took a quick look at these two links, but wasn't sure if it could apply to a piping network.


      Animate water flow - YouTube

      Solidworks _ Fluid _ Simulation _ Water _ Flow _ Animation - YouTube


      Thanks in advance.