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Question asked by Rob D on Aug 8, 2014
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I was hoping somebody could either give me a summary or point me toward an existing summary of the major (and minor if they are there) differences in E vs. W PDM. I was hoping to be able to compare them and present a comparison in order to decide which we should be working with.


Our goals for the PDM system:

  • Manage design solid models and assemblies
  • Manage design drawings
  • Manage processing solid models (configurations for each operation) (NOTE: Processing will not have assemblies)
  • Manage processing drawings (in process dimension sheets)
  • From the drawing files, control a PDF file that updates upon revisioning.
  • Manage some data about these files:
    • Revision control
    • History log
    • Get old versions
  • Search by Custom Properties/Metadata


I know EPDM can search by $PRP (once the information is pulled into the metadata), and I know WPDM can handle revisions. What I don't know about is workflow management differences. We do not use the templates and other file types in EPDM. We generally will be using it for SLDPRT, SLDASM, SLDDRW, and the controlled PDF files from the SLDDRW files. Can WPDM search using $PRP? Can WPDM or a simpler-than-EPDM add-in handle the PDF files?


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