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eDrawingsViewer 2014: registry setting to set print range active sheet to "Entire sheet" scaling?

Question asked by It Admin on Aug 8, 2014



I am not trying to modify any DWG drawings -- this cannot be done. What I am trying to do is find a registry setting or configuration file that sets the print range --> active sheet --> the option for how to scale the drawing on the paper. I want to set this to "Entire sheet" so that it scales the size of the paper in the printer. Could someone kindly assist me?


I have used RegShot to compare before and after registry hives; I have used SysInternals procmon to individually monitor registry activity, file activity, and network activity. I am unable to locate or determine any registry entry or file being modified that stores this setting. There has got to be something because once I set the option in eDrawingsViewer it stays that way until I log off of Windows. Even if I close eDrawingsViewer completely and open it back up and open a completely different DWG drawing than the previous one I had open the settings remain, until that is I log off Windows and log back in. (Technically it should remain but our VDI system doesn't store user profiles correctly.)


Any help would be appreciated!