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Sketch points within sketch not appearing when saving part as .dxf file (need to etch/scribe centerpoints on steel when burning on machine)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Aug 9, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

Hello All,

Not sure if this is not possible in SW or if it is and I'm not aware of an option.  I need to scribe centerpoints so our shop has location markers to shoot anchor studs onto steel plates (in liew of laying out by hand).  In Autocad, I was able to mark points on the drawing, and then have the points automatically appear on the dxf file when exported and in turn be able to be etched/scribed on the steel (programmed thru the cnc software) while it is being cut.  In SW, I have the sketch points marked on the sketch, and the plate is extruded.  When I save the part as a dxf file, the outer perimeter shows up fine in the file, but the internal points do not (I see nothing on this forum or online of any solution but I though I remember reading somewhere that only the outer perimeter is exported).  I need these points to be exported as well as the outer perimeter lines.  I had the sketch as "visible/show" but I doubt that has any bearing (didn't work either).  Please see my screenshot and part attachments.  Thanks!