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    why my post deleted

    Ahmed Ahmed

      hi i did make a post to ask about my mistake in cswp and i have put my drawing files and i have inserted avideo to let u know how i did that so people can tell me what is the main mistake


      why did u deleted my post

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          Chris Michalski

          It was likely decided that you crossed the line and shared too much detailed information.  Solidworks cannot create a completely unique test for each individual so posting video of the procedure gives people WAY TOO MUCH information as to what they need to know to pass.

          You need to stick to more general questions with respect to testing.  1) Solidworks will censor you again and 2) advanced users are willing to help you learn the software, but will not devalue the tests by simply giving you the answers.

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              Joe Kuzich

              That's a bummer of a spot to be in.  I can see why they would pull the post and censor it, for the reasons you gave.  At the same time if you don't know what you did wrong it is hard to ask for the help you need to learn it.  Does SW give you a break down of where you went wrong on the tests to at least point you in the right direction?  I only took the first exam and did really well, so it wasn't something I would have noticed.

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              Tony Cantrell

              If you contact some advanced users privately, I'm sure they would be willing to help you. But as already said no one wants to just give you the answer.