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    Can variables be set on a BOM workflow?

    Tom Smith

      Hi all,


      I have a BOM workflow that uses named BOMs created from a XML file that we paste assemblies to.  The workflow is so i can have a simple export transition to create purchase reqs in our ERP. 


      In that transition, am trying to make a variable appear on the source XML data card that says whether or not it had been exported.   Where do variables get written to in a workflow for BOM files?  It doesn't seem to work on the source XML file.


      Also, am i going about this a little backwards?  Is it possible to create and check in the named BOM, but have my export transition on the source XML file?  Will it act on the BOM?  What if there were more than one named BOM?



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          Danny Bradford

          Greetings Tom,


          I have had the same requirement unfilled for quite a while until I discovered the Dispatch Addin. This Addin does a great job of updating data card variables on transitions.


          Sometimes it is a bit tricky as it is definitely a poor man's interface by all measures, but for what it does, it does a great job!


          Do some investigations on the web on how to make Dispatch work and if you have anything specific I am sure the Forum can assist.


          Danny B