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Moved to new server and now I need help with Revision levels

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by Gary Garrison

Our IT department moved me to a new (new to me anyway) server recently.  I am am trying to get my revision levels on check-in set to what I had before.  -, A, B, C, etc...  It has been years since I did any Admin configuration.  Can anyone help me figure out what I need to change to get my old system back.


We often use existing drawings and assemblies to create similar new ones by performing a "Save As" to the new name.  When we checked in previously, you could set your revision level at the check-in window.  We would use a "-" rev level for a new file in the vault.  Since the switch the rev levels are coming wrong for the file (it is specified in title block), and it then will not let me manually enter the level for check in.


What am I doing wrong on the Revision Level configuration settings?