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Too many references with checking!

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by Jamil Snead

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Our company makes wire decks which are very simple assemblies.  Typically only 3 or four parts total, but several instances of those pieces.  Linewire, crosswire, support channels.  All are individual parts, in a simple assembly with patterned instances of the pieces to make the wire grids.  The assembly is then detailed in a drawing.  This makes it a typical total of 5 files being checked in.


Because of the nature of our products, we use the same components in many different assemblies.  When I check a drawing in to the vault, it takes FOREVER to check every file in the database.  It then returns references that have nothing to do with my assembly.  It will return thousands of references, none of which are used in my assembly.


How do I get rid of this unnecessary clutter to streamline my check-in process?


My current check-in window. Notice the number of options listed next to the check-in box.  2,321 for a 5 file check-in.