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    ASC. file

    Joe Pesci
      Can SW export a part into an excel file or ASC. file?

      We need to send information about the part such as holes, depth,location or routes in a part.  We cannot do this through dxf.due to the fact that the cam package we use needs to have the datacome in through either an ASC. or excel format.  

      I know that SW can send the attributes for the part like size andcustom properties but I need to have the machining sent out in thepreviously mentioned formats.

      Thanks for any help..
        • ASC. file
          Jeffrey Opel
          What brand is your CAD program?Do you mean ACIS?
          • ASC. file
            John Burrill
            Unfortunately, no, Solidworks won't export a model in the manner you've described.
            It will, export a 3DXML and ACIS files, which are ascii text.
            What it sounds like you need is a CAM package to create the G-code for the tooling shop. You might want to look into something like FeatureCAM
            It works directly with Solidworks models