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    Forum software - How to complete my forum biography for points?

    Gerald Davis

      "Engage with the community. Complete your profile!'


      For 100 points of credibility I need to complete my bio.  Here's what I've tried so far...

      1. uploaded photos in to all available thumbnail buckets (that was a waste)
      2. completed all info fields in profile (that seemed like the right idea)
      3. set privacy (a good practice, but didn't help with credibility points)
      4. previewed profile (lovely for all types of audiences)
      5. updated my sw customer profile (fixed an old phone #)


      I'd offer to share my "points" for the secret missing click. Prolly caint.


      Screen shot below shows the promise of seeing more information once the biography is complete.


      Does that mean I have to submit an obituary, too? Or will a proposed eulogy suffice: "He was a good mouse clicker." [emoticon used in hopes for credibility points but that's a red herring]