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Macro to dimension flat pattern

Question asked by Jeff Daring on Aug 7, 2014



I was wondering if someone could help me (or write me) a macro.  I work with sheet metal and am a fabrication engineer and for every print that we make there is always a flat pattern (for sheet metal) so that the guys on the break press know how and where to make the bends and the laser operator knows how big of a sheet is necessary to make the part (also used for nesting obviously).  We always have to manually add the flat pattern view, add reference dimensions to the extremes in the x and y direction and then add a block annotation (pre-made).  My hope is to have a macro do the following:


Create a bounding box

Reference the x and y lengths of that bounding box and add a parenthesis on both of those dims (reference dim)

Dimension to each bend line

Add a pre made block below the drawing view in the centroid of the drawing




Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I am versed in MATLAB but I have not yet learned VB so for you coders I really need some assistance!  Thanks!



Also, it would be useful if it could detect multiple flat pattern views on the drawing sheet and do the same for each respectively.



Thanks everyone