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    Unwanted spacing in view labels

    Koen Harthoorn
      Hello to everybody who takes time to read this,

      In my drawing template I have specified view labels as followed:see picture "1. View Label properties"

      When I generate one of these three view the text has some unwantedspacings. One at the end of rule one and one at the beginning ofrule 2. This makes the view labels outlined as you can see inpicture "2. spacing"

      Does somebody has a solution for this problem.

      Your regards,

      Jan Kommers
        • Unwanted spacing in view labels
          Eddie Cyganik

          Our standard is as follows:

          SECTION A-A
          SCALE 1 : 2

          My point is in our case there is only a space after "SECTION A-A" and because of the added captions, it really isn't noticeable.

          However, in your case, it is very obvious that the characters do not appear to be center justified considering the spacing.
          This is a BUG!

          The following work-around is manual and needs to be performed on all views with labels:

          Select a view label then in the property manager, check the box for "Manual view label" and finally, edit the label to remove all spaces.

          Not a very elegant work-around but the result is what you'd expect.

          So, again, this should be submitted as a BUG.