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How to FREEZE/FIX  flat pattern configurations

Question asked by Tim Moxam on Aug 7, 2014

I have an assembly where a component with 6 configurations has some in context edits for mounting holes for each of the 6 configs.

when I create a flat pattern for the specific sheet metal configuration it is long as the configuration in the assembly model is set to match. ie. the 18" part (config) is open and the assembly is set to the 18" config. Now when I change to the 24" part config and create a flat pattern it will be wrong. The holes are coming from the assembly but the flat pattern is only 18" wide (and missing the holes that are out of range.) If I change the config in the assy and re-open the part model and update, the flat pattern for the 24" is now correct and the 18" is wrong. BTW the folded  models are all fine.

This same thing is happening on my drawings. When I open a completed drawing of another size the flat pattern view in the drawing changes to the current config of the assembly.

This is no good.

How can I get the flat pattern to be consistent and remain FROZEN/FIXED/UN-CHANGING in the configurations in the model and in the drawing.

Locking the external references only works for one config ( and screws up the rest ). I have   a> created new configs and created flat pattern   b> created derived configs and created flat pattern  c> created flat pattern from existing model view on drawing  d> used the flat pattern view from the view palette.  The first two are the manual method. The last 2 used the program to generate the views and configs.

None worked.

I have checked the display as configs check box on and off with no difference.

I can get the drawing right if I have all the files open to the config I am working and if I could get the view to stay as a dumb view like a jpg or  bmp I would be happy. But I don't know how to do that either.

I don't really want to do that but, I am becoming extremely frustrated.

What I really want to know is how to keep the part configurations of the flat pattern to remain correct REGARDLESS of the configuration of the parent assembly.