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    section view from assembly to drawing

    Laurence Newman

      Is it possible to create a section view in an assembly and for this view to be selected within the drawing?

      I want to create a section view of an assembly in isometric view, but can't seem to get the view I want by using the section views in the drawing.

      Anyone know if this is possible or of any workarounds?



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Create a new configuration in your assembly.  Create an Assembly cut, cutting away everything that you want to hide.  For an example, if your Right Plane is at the center of your assembly, and that's where you want the Section View, Extrude-cut everything from the Right Plane to right (or left).  Make sure the box for "Propagate feature to part" at the bottom of the Extrude-cut's PropertyManager is not checked.  Suppress this cut in your primary configuration (Default, unless you've re-named it).  Go back to your drawing and insert an Isometric view of this new configuration.

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