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    Mirrored parts associations..

    Chris Scheer

      I have some parts in an assembly.  I've mirrored them using "mirror components".  Is there a way to break the association with the mirrored parts from the original?  In other words, I'd like to modify the mirrored parts location w/o affecting the original parts.

      Perhaps I'm asking the wrong question.





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          Lenny Bucholz

          here ya go ...from the help file.


          Dissolving a Mirror Component Feature


          You can dissolve a mirror component feature to make its components independent, so you can move and rotate them.

          When you dissolve the feature, you have the option to recreate mates in the top-level assembly.

          To dissolve a mirror component feature:

          1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click MirrorComponent and click Dissolve Mirrored Component Feature.
          2. In the dialog box, when asked if you want to recreate mates in the top-level assembly, click Yes or No. MirrorComponent disappears from the FeatureManager design tree. The components appear in the tree like any other components. For opposite-hand versions, the external references to the seed components are maintained.