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Automatic transitions not activating/not being hidden

Question asked by Rob D on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Nhat MAI

Automatic transition is being applied to skip revision numbers (So, if revision is O, bring through a transition to bump to P). I currently have it set to skip Revision B so i can be testing it.


here is the chunk of the workflow I am working with, the auto coming in works peachy but is just for legacy imports to bring a SLDPRT file to the final state as it is right now.




If I have it set for the admin to have permissions to the transition, it will go through automatically. However, when the alternate (manual) selection is chosen, in the "Change States" menu, I have "Revision bump" show up, which I do not want to see. This shows up regardless of the "Skip Rev Numbers" check into the revision number. So, removing permissions from the user, they cannot see that transition. However, because the permissions are removed, the file has no route to make it through the automatic transition and will not progress through it.


The "Skip Rev Numbers" filters out the desired skips (I, O, Q, S, and currently B for testing). The Rev Bump transition is what bumps it. They work wonderfully except for as noted above.


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