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Number of Elements Isn't Consistent, and Minimum Volume Error

Question asked by Matt Mullett on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Jared Conway

I have a symmetric assembly of a drum dryer, and I'm trying to analyze a bolted connection. Yesterday I started with a copy of a used simulation study, added my bolt connectors and new constraints, and tried to run it. I kept getting the "Element Volume is smaller than limit for element: xxxxx". So I went to track down that element to see what the problem is, and the element numbers on the probe screen stop well below what the error screen gives me, or even the quantity of elements indicated on the solver screen. Solver screen says theres about 470,000 elements, and the probe tool stops around 290,000. Today I finally bit the bullet, started a new study, and redid all 60 bolt connectors (which is a whole other gripe), and my first run solved just fine. I fixed some bonding issues, and re-ran the simulation and ran into the exact same error and mismatch. I'm really starting to worry that I'll have to re-do 60 bolts by hand every time I want to re-run this study. I'd love some troubleshooting help with this.