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How to bend a cone(two stroke pipe model)

Question asked by Tiago Angelo on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2014 by Michael Lord

Good evening folks, I have been trying to make a two stroke exhaust, and would like to use Solidworks to curve all the conic sections, because doing this by hand is a trial and error effort.

The basic model is attached(linked from my dropbox), and I'm not asking for anyone to do it, just on how to do it, I have been searching for the past hours, but all that I can find is single cone projects/examples and that doesn't really fit with my needs.


The basic aspect is something along this lines:



In fact thats the original pipe of my bike a Gas Gas EC 125, the most important thing that I really want to get out of the Solidworks model is the initial 180º turn, that will be made with the first 4 cones(around 422mm in length, the turn radius is about 200mm if I'm not mistaken, and if is important for anyone that can help me the pipe will be realized in 304 stainless with 0.8mm thickness, laser cut.


Exhaust pipe model:

Dropbox - escapeGG.SLDPRT


Best regards, and thanks in advance.