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    Drawing file keeps crashing

    Dmitry Zamoshnikov


           I'm running a T5500 with recent video card updates.  12gb of ram, quadro 4000 video card, and solidworks 2012.  I have a frame with no external references, and only 38 bodies.  I've made prints for frames with over 100 bodies and haven't had this issue before.



      When I make the print from scratch solidworks doesn't crash.  I can print, and save to pdf with no problems.  However, when I close the file and reopen it solidworks crashes and says it runs out of memory.  I've optimized the settings, and I've even set virtual memory to 24gb (double the ram) to see if it will fix it.  I then changed the registry to solidworks.old, which wouldn't let solidworks start up after restart.  I went to the C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local folder and changed the solidworks folder to solidworks.old to reset all of the solidworks settings.  I made sure the model wouldn't update (set from the options menu) when the drawing is opened (that works up until I update the model in the drawing, then crashes).  I updated to the recent and tested version of the quadro 4000 driver.  And I even changed to use software OPENGL.


      That drawing file continues to crash, and I've made 3 new drawings under different names, different sheet sizes, and still no luck.


      Has anyone had this problem before and have fixed it?