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    EPDM Issue Exporting a workflow

    Lawrence Kiefer

      I am trying to export one of my workflows in order to rename it and then bring it back in to use for a new workflow with a slight difference.


      For some reason when you open a workflow, the option to "save as" is not available.


      So, when I try to export this workflow, I get the following message.



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          Rob D



          I've run into similar issues with a different specific error message. The message I get is to do with Variables, and tends to happen if I modified a variable used in a file card. For example, if I had variable "Mfg P/N" on a card, and then set it up to be mapped to another attribute, something gets twisted up in the works and an export tells me I have an issue with the variable.


          The fix I had was to go into the file card, set each variable from "Mfg P/N" to "Mfg P/N" (Yes set it to the same) and it worked. I can't say exactly why it happened, but that was a fix for me.


          For categories, I would say look through the workflow for categories and just reset them to the same. Maybe you added a scenario for a category? (IE: MS Word had file extension %.doc but you added %.docx)


          Hope this helps,


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              Lawrence Kiefer



              Thank you for your help on this....I found out what the issue was and should have closed this post. It was one of the conditions I had set up in the workflow properties that refer to a category that I renamed. By renaming the category, it lost its link to it. Once I changed the category in the workflow condition, it worked fine.