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Issue with STL file: Conversion Issues from SolidWorks to STL by using Glovius CAD Viewer software

Question asked by Jorge Garcia on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Vikram Manthri

Dear all,


I was working on a SolidWorks file and converted the file into STL file in order to have a 3D print-job. The part was printed and ended up shrinking by 35.34% of the originally intended size. I used a software called Glovius in order to view, measure and convert my original SolidWorks file. The measurement I got on the CAD when using Glovius was exactly we intended. Then, I converted the file by saving it into STL file. When I sent the STL file for a printjob, I got a shrinkage result.


Would any of you please help me convert the original Solidwork file to a STL file so that there is no scaling error? (note: I do not have the SolidWorks software with me at this time.)

Also, is there a way to measure my object (eg. length from 2 points, etc.) in an STL file? Please advise.



Thank you in advance for your help,

Jorge Garcia