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    Forum - The invoking of the Mention tool

    Gerald Davis

      Greg Jankowski held a good webinar today and pointed out several new features of this forum's user interface, including the use of the @ Mention tool.


      For the short term, Jive thinks Greg's name is to be displayed as 1-FJ05H.  I've heard rumors that that will become more human readable as the software gets over being new.


      I did not memorize "1-FJ05H".  Instead, I started typing with "@" and continued without spaces typing the human name I knew - e.g. "@Greg_Jan"


      Note the emphasis on under_scores when entering a search term that humans think have spaces. Which are not "spaces" or "groups" but rather substitutes for "_". (webinar humor)


      At about that point in my typing, the pop_up search list showed me a thumbnail that looked handsome and resembled the target Jankowski, so I clicked on the jive code for Greg and completed the entry.


      *whine follows*



      When I attempted to use the helpful-ish Mention Tool that appears at the bottom of the editor window, I was 1) clueless about what to expect and 2) not sure what I was doing. I'm not sure I ever figured out how to use it, but it did lead me to understand that whatever I type after @ is going to go on a jivey search.


      I like name dropping. To be clear, I like giving credit when it is due - so this is a good feature to have, whether citing another person or another posting.


      I'm not entirely in love with the UI that makes it happen, though. NOW THAT I HAVE IT FIGURED OUT DON"T CHANGE IT, just make everybody else click until it works, too.