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Select path changes after exiting route

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Aug 5, 2014

Afternoon all,


I am really having a hard time getting this route to behave.


I am creating a harness with 6 wires going between two identical connectors and sets of pins.  I create the route, I add all my wires to the route.  I then individually select path for each colored wire, 6 different colors.  After each path is set and I am still in the route, everything looks good.  Upon exiting the route sketch one of the wires ALWAYS jumps to another path of another wire thereby that path becomes twice as thick in Diameter and the wire that changed path loses its color in its original space.  I have tried deleting that wire and putting it back in.  I have tried re-routing that wire to its correct path.  Still ALWAYS on exiting the sketch the one wire jumps top another path.  I cannot make a harness this way.  As far as I'm concerned this routing package is NOT functional.


What the heck?