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Random changes in my Design Table

Question asked by Matt Cowley on Aug 4, 2014

Hello all -

I've got a strange problem with my design table on a few parts with multiple configurations.

1) Some of the static variables will randomly change values or flip direction in the associated sketch after I exit out of the DT editor. Ex: dimA@sketch1 = 0.5 for all 8 configs, but in Config-6 dimA changes to 3.21 and in Config-8 the direction changes to an effective -0.5.


2) I have several dimensions defined by equations, which I have typed in the DT cell or in the sketch dimension. The equations will also randomly convert to a static value in the DT cell and sometimes an entire column will all convert to the same static value.


Anyone have any ideas as to why?


The only partial fix I've found is to delete all of the configurations and the table and start over with an DT linked to an external table and with the options of changing the DT in SW turned off. It seems to stay stable then for problem 1, but not 2. Here is an example. The entire table here should be equations with varied solutions.