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    Nhat MAI

      I have a file I need to rollback to revA and then re-release back to revB. The problem is that when I approved the drawing it releases to revC. Doesn't the  roll back affect the local revision? The local rev is what controls the increment rev in the transition?

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          Arie Van Gelderen

          Check this SPR:


          SPR 412856 increment revision does not take into account rollback action in workflows if transition uses "Change revision counters...


          It should be fixed in EPDM 2015.



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            Pete Yodis

            Check out this information.  There is a strategy given to rollback a file AND have the revision counter in EPDM properly decremented.  The out of the box EPDM rollback function does not properly decrement the revision counter.



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                Jason Capriotti

                I do not have this issue. We rollback all the time and the revision counter never gets out of sequence. So if I rollback revision "B" to Revision "A".......it doesn't jump to "C" the next time......it goes to "B". I have an "Increment Revision" action on the transition.



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                  Nhat MAI

                  Thank you Pete Yodis, that is the solution I am looking. I am running EPDM 2014 service pack 2. Just for clarification, our work flow increments the revision by transition and have the increment rev on the transition. The problem seem to be that the increment rev action uses the local rev to know which rev is next and when I roll back, the local rev is actually never reset. I tried rolling all the way back to revA and before all the transitions. I checked the local rev at that point it says Local Revision A but when I run it through the work flow it increments the revision to revC. The work flow works correctly we have run a lot of files through and they all increment the revision correctly.

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                    Rob D



                    Have you used this at all? My questions come up with, let's say it goes through this workflow below:


                    Begin Rev 0

                    Pass through Rev A, Up to Version 3

                    Rerun Rev B, Up to Version 7

                    Rerun Rev C, Up to Version 11

                    -- ISSUE

                    -- Roll back using the decrement transition, Rev B, Version ??


                    Now in the history there are 2 Rev B


                    Would it go in as Rev B and version....20 (random numbers I am pulling here) assuming C consumed versions? It still shows C in history, will it show Revs go A - B - C - B?


                    I can sen this in to Jay @ CAP (Writer of article) if need be, but wondering if you have worked with this at all.


                    Thank you,