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Break drawing references (EPDM)

Question asked by Matthew Wright on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Matthew Wright

Hello all,


I've been experiencing an annoying problem with EPDM where I have parts calling up drawings that are no longer used.

Please see below for example:


Part 230977 shows three drawings referencing it and the problem is that drawing 230783 at version 1 referenced this part but now no longer needs too and I can't seem to break this link.

  • I have tried rolling back the drawing but it can only be rolled back to version 1 which still has the reference.
  • I cannot delete the drawing as we have a finite set of numbers that is assigned by EPDM.
  • This causes the biggest headache when approving parts as it will call up all 3 drawings and drawings that are just spare numbers are getting approved.

Hope this makes sense,