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Toolbox .prt files

Discussion created by Joel Schmidt on Mar 15, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2007 by Lin Shaodun
When saving most of our large assemblies I get the promptshown below.  SW has not used the *.prt extension forquite some time, but those parts are still used in many of our oldsub-assemblies.  None of our files are used for customerpurposes, only in-house projects, so this is more or less anuisance since we don't use BOM's for nuts/bolts (although weshould).  As many as 25 or more of these prompts come up, onefor each referenced component, each time the file is saved, whichreally slows down progress.  Checking "don't as meagain" is only a temporary fix.  And then theres theissue with the *.prt files opening with the wrong configuration, ifat all.
How can I changed the old *.prt hardware components to themost recent toolbox?

I checked our network drives and found a total of eleven, yeseleven, toolbox locations.  About half of them are the old*.prt hardware files (...\partlib\) and the other half are the"newer" ...\browser\. Tools>Options>HoleWizard/Toolbox is only referencingthree of these, so the rest are not causing any problems. Most of these locations are copies and old browsers fromprevious SW installs.  I'd love to delete all the oldbrowsers, but I have no good way of knowing if they are beingreferenced anywhere.