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    Convert to PDF using the default add in wont work

    Lawrence Kiefer

      O. k. I'm stumped. I haven't tried to use the automatic PDF converter since we upgraded to 2014. It was working but now it is not. I have looked at every setting three times along with my var.


      Anyone else have issues with this after the upgrade?

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          Greg Rupp

          Hi Lawrence, can you tell us more about the problem? Is this triggered by a workflow command or a menu command? Is it making it into the "Task List"? If so, is it throwing an error? If so, what is that error?


          Also, are the PDFs being created Locally or on another computer/server? If on another computer/server, make sure that computer is also upgraded and that the computer is able to host a task.


          Lastly, did you update your Task scripts when you upgraded?


          Good luck,


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            Tony Greising-Murschel

            What Greg was talking about was editing your task script to update it to EPDM 2014. So edit your task, choose Output File Options, then Advanced Scripting Options:


            Once in here choose the SolidWorks Version to Use (2014 if that's what you have) and then choose Reset. It should be noted that any customizations to your code need be backed up prior (copy-paste into Notepad)


            The other obvious thing that gets missed a lot is upgrading the task DLL itself.


            To upgrade your task add-in open the Administration tool, choose Open, navigate to C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\Default Data and choose Convert_gb.cex and then drag the SWTaskAddin into your Vault.