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best way to make extruded cut (thru plate thickness) on pipe to plate intersection

Question asked by Dave Krum on Aug 5, 2014
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Good Morning All,

To make a cut on a plate (thru the thickness) that follows a pipe going thru it on a skew, is there a better way of achieving the cut than to use the "intersection curve" option on each side of the plate then use "lofted cut" to achieve?  I have a simple pipe going thru plate on an angle.  I started a new sketch on each side of the plate and used "convert entities" then "intersection curve" and picked the pipe curve to generate the plate curve on both sides.  Then I used "lofted cut" and connected both sketches to make the curve thru the plate.  See attached screenshots.  Just looking to see if there is a more desirable way to do this.  Thanks!