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Opening .catpart problem

Question asked by Michael Fisher on Aug 4, 2014

Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these accounts, but to my understanding:


Solidworks 2014 can now  convert .catparts 3D models. I've been successfully opening/viewing the .catparts my customer sends me for months now. For some reason, a certain number of recent .catpart files are not opening. I open, then Solidworks gets stuck at "Processing" the part. This has happened with 16 similar parts.


Size is not an issue, there is no new known version my customer has updated to. I have no idea what the problem is since it's been working before (and after) just not with these files.


What are some other methods of opening the part? Can I definitively say the file is bad?


Also I have Enovia (a .catpart viewing software) and the parts are fine when I use that.


Any thoughts?