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    Convert files from student to full

    Sam Harrison



      In college I created a lot of stuff in Solidworks as “concepts” using a (legal) student copy for practice. Fast-forward a couple of years – now that I’m an engineer in industry I’ve bought my own (legal) full copy of Solidworks. I’ve discovered some of the stuff I designed in college has real-world application. I’m interested in getting some of the stuff fabricated/prototyped – but it all still has the “Student Copy” watermark, and I get a pop-up error any time I open the files in my full copy of Solidworks.


      I’m wondering if there is a way to “launder” these files to remove the watermark, popups/warnings, and “Student Copy” attributes… or am I going to have to re-CAD all of the files?

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          Alin Vargatu

          Short answer: you have to re-create the files.


          Long answer: contact your VAR and ask for help. There is no guarantee that they will be able to persuade SolidWorks to help, but there is always a chance if you have a compelling case.

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            Nathan Rollins

            Maybe obvious, but I am pretty sure you can export dumb solids from the student version.  This gets you part of the way there (RFQ / prototypes / guide for re-creation)  And you can get a long way with manipulating the imported geom w/ solids and cuts and move faces and splits and deletes... etc...  Usually a PITA, but if you're only looking at minor tweaks for a prototype development, it could save a bunch of work.


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              Joe Kuzich

              If you do ask your VAR for help, please keep us updated as to the outcome.  I have been curious about that myself.