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COLORWAY from The Foundry

Question asked by Ron Bates on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Ron Bates
Have folks seen COLORWAY?  The latest product release from The Foundry (makers of Modo and PV360).



I've been helping The Foundry on some various projects and it occurred to me that unless you also have Modo, you may not even be aware of COLORWAY yet.  This product allows you to adjust lighting and materials in real time, AFTER you generate the render.  This "post-rendering" workflow is pretty interesting if you consider that it could allow you to simply "prep" a file, and not get overly concerned with the exact, final look.  COLORWAY is easy...anyone could take the prepped file and adjust lights and play with colors to suit what they wanted.



The product page is here where you can watch some video and sign up for a free trial of colorway and play with the samples yourself.  Currently, you can only generate a COLORWAY file from Modo.  but more plug-ins for other products, that allow direct export to COLORWAY, are being developed.



To get a sense of the process, I grabbed a simple SW model, added some basic materials, environment, and lights.  And then instead of rendering it, I saved it to Modo .lxo scene format.  I then brought it into Modo, where I could use the Modo COLORWAY Kit to "tag" certain materials and lights...then render it to a COLORWAY file (.dci).   I kept it all rather simple for this example, but thought I'd share a video of that process in action.  (I also attached my sample .dci)



Curious what people think of the product, the process, and what role this could play for PhotoView 360?




Do you currently do a lot of iteration on color/lighting?


And if so, would it benefit you and your organization to be able to simply prep files, and then hand them over to someone else to do the color/lighting iteration?