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    Every reincarnation of this forum gets worse

    John Sutherland

      I want to see at least 24 hours worth of posts on screen, but I cannot find how to control this.


      Like most web programmers, the SW people imagine that I want to work the way they work.  Well I don't.


      SW is an intensely cerebral subject and does not fit well in a social media format.


      I will continue to vote with my wallet (billfold).

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          Kevin Pymm



          If you click on the "Content" button in the blue bar at the top of the page you can see a list with all the pages as it used to be. If you want to view just discussions you need to select "Discussions" at the top of the white frame instead of "All Content".

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              John Sutherland



              There were always 2 display formats for the forum.  I followed Anna's past advice and had bookmarks for each of them.


              I preferred the "discussion" format, and that is what has changed for the worse.  I can ignore the kiddies bells and whistles, as Greg suggests, but the annoying reduction in the number of items per screen page has me waiting for the forum server to supply the next few items almost as long as I wait for SW to respond to a mouse click in a large assembly.


              Worse than that, I did not see the responses to my own post because, unlike the previous discussion format, the responses did not promote the post to the top of the list and insert the respondent's name in place of mine.


              <edit> It seems this was because I was forced out of the discussion format into the all content format when my post was more than a few hours old.</edit>


              I don't like the change in line spacing; it wastes scarce screen real estate.  The authors of the SW user interface understood the scarcity of screen real estate and provided many ephemeral displays to maximise information transfer.

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              Greg Jankowski

              See Accessing read/unread discussions. This should help.


              Also making the title more descriptive also helps get your question answered quicker.