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Multiple Default Display States...

Question asked by Craig Ashmore on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Craig Ashmore

For ease of understanding I will break my problem down into simplest terms and not dwell on WHY we need this feature.


Basically say that every part I model has 3 display states that need to be applied. Blue, Red and Green. I have created those three display states and saved them in my part and assembly templates so I don't have to create them every time I create a new file.  I would like to take this one step further and find a way to have those three colors automatically applied when a part is modeled.


So modeling would go as follows:


Open new part

Model it obviously

And instead of applying a blue appearance, a red appearance and then a green appearance to the appropriate display states it just automatically sets the appearance to match the corresponding display state.


I'm I wanting to much here?


Thanks in advance for you time.