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    Ability to check out entire folders

    Rob D

      We ran into a bit of a snag for us. There is the ability to check out an entire folder. The user can right click on a folder and select "check out", which checks out all files in the folder


      While I understand this is useful in some scenarios, our vault is structured as such



           APPROVED DWGS

                ~ 40,000 PDF files

           CAD FILES

                ~ 40,000 DWG/SLDPRT/SLDDRW/SLDASM files


      For us, this feature could cause utter chaos.

      Our patch solution so far is that if we set the permissions for check out in "VAULT NAME" to not allow check out, users cannot check out the folders. However, this requires that all files be at the lowest level. For example, if one day we were to make:


           APPROVED DWGS

                DEPARTMENT 1

                DEPARTMENT 2


      We would not be able to have any files which users would want to have access to in "APPROVED DWGS", else the entire folder can be checked out.


      For our purposes, it appears as though this will not be an issue and we will have files only in the lowest levels anyway, but we were hoping there was the ability to limit it so folders cannot be checked out.


      Thank you,