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Undo Check-Out ramifications

Question asked by Rob D on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Einar Gulbrandsen

So I have some questions about the "Undo Check-Out" option by admins. I understand that it restores the last checked in version and loses any information/changes since the check out.


What happens to the user it is "undone" from? I guess to set up a practical scenario:


Bob checked out File1.sldprt

Bob added puller groove to File1.sldprt

Bob went on vacation - left file checked out


Tim the admin requested by management to get the files from Bob's system. Admin does the undo check out.


Bob comes back from vacation.


What does Bob see? I understand this sounds like a weird riddle, but I want to make sure Bob won't still have that version he checked out and is now out of date on his local machine. Does the "Undo check out" pull the file from the local machine?


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System info:


EPDM 2014

SW 2014

Windows environment