Andrew Brown

SW 2014 suppressing changes during "Save As"

Discussion created by Andrew Brown on Jul 31, 2014

So, this little quirk of SW 2014 has caused me quite a bit of trouble due to parts being scrapped.  Let's say I take a part model, rotate it 180 degrees, and "save as" with a new name.  When I open that new file, the body move/rotate has been suppressed.  This is entirely random, and cannot be reproduced at will.


With that said, I am employed as an EDM Electrode Designer.  After I shrink the part to make room for the spark, I save the part as a parasolid so that the CNC guys can manufacture it.  Unfortunately, this "quirk" will randomly suppress the shrink during "save as" and the parasolid comes out full sized, instead of undersized.  Again, it is entirely random and cannot be reproduced at will.


All I know is that this horrible feature was introduced with SW 2014...  Now that I've seen it suppress changes first hand, I'll have to double check every...single...file... this software saves, just to make sure it didn't screw it up.


No, I don't want get into a lecture about EDM spark gaps and orbits.  We leave our spherical orbit electrodes full sized, and the CNC guys lie to their software about cutter offsets.  The only spark gaps I add onto electrode designs are when there are angled surfaces on circular/square orbits, which our CMM software cannot compensate for...