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    Creating a Broken Out Section in a Section, Detail or alternate View

    Rebecca Bennett

      First off, I would just like to say that the SolidWorks drawing enviroment sucks big time.

      More freedom is needed.  Maybe another look at AutoCAD capabilities would be in order.




      This particular gripe hinders on the ability to create a broken out section onto a section view.


      I have created a "top" section view because I want to incorporate a limited depth, showing all features down to the bottom is too cumbersume to look at.

      now, that "top" view has a layer of sheetmetal on it.  I would like to break away a bit of that sheetmetal feature (and only that feature) to show the tubing and stiffeners underneath of it.  Creating a whole other drawing view is ridiculous.


      Now, why is that such a bad drafting practice??  And even if it is, screw SolidWorks for telling me what I can and cannot draft =b