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Configure Form Tool via Design Table

Question asked by Jon Dodd on Jul 31, 2014

I did some searching on the forums for this, but couldn't find a clear answer. I apologize if this has been answered before.


I am wondering if it's possible to control the configuration of form tools used in a part in a design table rather than the separate window in the form tool feature (pictured below). I have a form tool with multiple configurations within it and it is being used on a part which also has a design table with multiple configurations. It would be nice to control everything from the one design table in the part file instead of some features being controled by the table and the form tool being controled by a separate feature. I had tried just typing $CONFIGURATION@(form tool name) in the part's design table, but it didn't seem to take it. Is the window pictured below the only way to configure form tools in parts?


Thank you