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    Selective Hidden Lines

    Matthew Mitchell

      I want to show only specific hidden lines, not all the hidden lines of one component.


      There are 2 holes on the bottom side of this plate, which need to be visible in the drawing. I have tried "Show Hidden Edges" on the component, but the plate is not a separate component and lots of hidden lines are shown. Other answers have suggested ways to hide these unwanted hidden edges. Unfortunately, aside from being tedious, it doesn't work. As hiding edges with "Hide/Show Edges" http://help.solidworks.com/2012/English/SolidWorks/sldworks/doc1292867041786.imagecannot be used on the edges that are partially hidden or the visible segment is hidden as well.


      I would like to be able to simply select the holes and make them visible. I also tried selecting hidden objects and using Hide/Show, but this only hid them so they wouldn't be visible if hidden lines were turned on.


      Here is the part I'm working on. The holes are between the holes on the top of the plate,   I'm okay with using HLR view and having the holes shown as hidden lines, but if you know how to use Shaded with Edges view and show hidden lines, that's even better.


      I also tried putting a broken-out section to show the holes, but this was messy and confusing looking.