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Assembly Cpoint stubs

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Jul 31, 2014

Afternoon all,


I am making some Molex connectors assemblys with pins and connectors as the parts.  I want to put these into my electrical design library so I can drag and drop to start my routes.  When I place the Cpoints in the pin PARTS and then assemble them into the connector assembly, by dragging and dropping these, route will not start.  I can only put the Cpoint at the ASM level of the connector and THEN when I drag and drop the connector asm route starts up.  Only thing is, those asm Cpoints, all of the stub properties are grayed out and I cannot set my stub up.  I can only set up the stub if I do a Cpoint in the prt level.  But then SW will not start the route command automatically by dragging and DROPPING.


Need some help please.