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Slow calculation time...

Question asked by Daniel Pratt on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Jared Conway

a week ago i baught a new pc primarily for solidworks.  [cpu = i7 - 4820k, 16gb ram, gpu = gigabyte 4G gtx 770, running 2 250g SSD at raid 0 and a gigabyte GA-x79 UD3 mobo]

This upgrade has significantly increased my solidworks capability but i am still having issues.  I am creating an animation of an assembly with aprox 1800 components.  Most components are seperate and have to be free to move as it all comes together.  The animation is currently at 1 min and 50 seconds but each time i have to recalculate it, this takes about 3 -4 min.  Editing the part and adding more components to my assembly is a real strain as well (it can take up to 5 min for the solidworks to process a mirror of about 50 components).  There is a fair bit happening in the animation as the components are moving linearly as well as rotating but is there anything i can do to make this process less painfull and time consuming? both in regards to the animation and my pc hardware. 


thank you