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Display File List from Custom Search Results

Question asked by John Raffensperger on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by John Raffensperger

I thought I had seen this covered before, but I cannot find the question/topic now.


I would like the ability to perform a seach, using a combination of External Data (from our ERP System) and generate a list of files in the EPDM Valut.  Ideally, this list would display in an EPDM Search Window/Pane, just like a built in seach.


One variation of the logic of the search would be something like:


  • Get a list of PART_IDs from a SQL Search of our ERP Data
  • Search for files in the EPDM Vault with the CAD_PartNumber variable equal to any of the Part IDs
  • Present the List in an EPDM Search Form/Window


The ultimate end game would be to use the API to add the ability to search ERP data from a custom Search Card, without the data needing to populate EPDM Varialbles on a file Data Card.


I realize that I could probably get a list of Part Numbers, and add them as Token(s) of an IEdmSearch7 and Launch the Search.


Given other tasks, I am hoping for a way to build up something like an IEdmSelectonList6, and pass it as a "Result Set" to a search form.


Alternately, is there a way to display a list of files in a "Columns View"?