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What EPDM Server hardware improvements increase access speed?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by Gary Radish

We are going to be moving into a brand new building built to our specifications in the first quarter next year. All the managers have been asked to list all capitol expenses related to the move, which of course translates to wish list. I am constantly being told EPDM is too slow so this would be a good time for me to look at improving the server hardware, switches, software and internal wiring between the server and workstations to increase the speed. I am an Engineer playing the role of I.T. GURU so this is not my area of expertise so I am turning to all you actual I.T. GURU'S that frequent this forum. If you could build the network from the ground up what would you do? What are some things I can change that will increase the access speed?


Thanks in advance for everyone's input!