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just another "lightweight" thread...

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by John Sutherland

i'm starting to get into the use of "large assemblies" (large defined as a relative point where my machine's performance beigns to decline). in an effort to improve performance, i've started looking into the use of "lightweight" assemblies and "speedpak" configurations.


for the time being, let's ignore the "speedpak" option and focus on why i can't figure out "lightweight".


i seem to not know the rules on when an assembly can or can not be set to lightweight from resolved. for instance right now i have an assembly file with a handful of parts and subassemblies. right clicking on these items SHOULD give me the option to "set resolved as lightweight", correct? but this option does not show up.


many times if i right-click on a resolved component or assembly, i'll get the option "set lightweight to resolved". this does not seem useful, as the component and its subcomponents are already resolved.


some times i will have a part open as "lightweight" in one assembly. then i open a different assembly and it's listed as "resolved". i right-click and there is no option to set to lightweight. this does not make sense. is the object loaded into memory? i am unsure.


i have one assembly where, upon initial opening of the file, i set "lightweight" in the open dialog. this loaded the assembly and all its subs as "lightweight". however upon opening it again, and again setting the "lightweight" option, it loads the assembly with everything fully resolved.


additionally, i am not seeing any performance benefits from loading these assemblies as "lightweight". i didn't expect it to be a dramatic increase, but i also expected a noticeable incrase in performance.


WELL i'm rambling again. in summary: what are the rules that determine when you can / can not set a component as lightweight? if i right-click a resolved component, and the option to set to lightweight isn't avaialbe, why is that? what needs to be done to set them as lightweight?