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Create sketch by reading in a CNC program.

Question asked by Troy Bungard on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Troy Bungard

All, I have a unique task to complete.

I have 2 cnc routers (3-axis).  One runs absolute coordinates (every point from 0), the other runs Incremental (each point from previous point).


I have a template with the layout of the machine zero and work table as a sketch in a part file.  (for the incremental machine)


What I want to do, is read a cnc program, which is just a text file - line by line.

extract out the X and Y coordinates ... then create a sketch in solidworks and map out the coordinates.  I can then use that to position in my template, and extract the coordinates to program into the other machine.


I have to do this - when transferring a program from one machine (that broke down) to the other machine.


We don't have a post processor for one machine, but do for the other - so most programs get written for the machine with the post.


any suggestions on how to get started?


I use VB 2010 - and have some familiarity.  beyond that - not knowing to create an outside app or an internal plugin into solidowrks - and how to create a sketch from vb.


I look forward to your responses.