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Displaying Ampersand (&) In "Static Text" on Data Cards

Question asked by Michael Marshall on Jul 29, 2014

This one has nagged at me for a while, but I've never bothered to research or ask about it...until today. We're currently using EPDM 2014 SP2.0, but I first noticed this when we were using 2013. I didn't find anything in the Admin Guide, these Forums, nor did I find anything in the KB, so I thought it worthwhile to post here in case anyone else had this problem.


I establish a "Static Text" box on a data card. In the Free text under Text Properties, I type in some text that includes an ampersand (the "&" character). It won't show up in the Static Text box, thus it doesn't show on the saved Data Card:


In Card Editor:



On the finished Data Card:




Not sure why an ampersand won't show up like that (a special character issue, perhaps?), but I messed around with it a bit, and found an easy but non-obvious solution:


Put two ampersand characters next to each other, and one (the second one, I guess) will show up.




And thus, on the Data Card: