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accuracy problem

Question asked by Joe Koningen on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by Mark Biasotti

Hey there,


It appears to me that I'm having an accuracy / level of precision based problem for a part I designed which is to be imported

into ICEM for meshing.
When viewed in solidworks, the part seems to be ok, although quite jagged in areas. Could this be because

the part itself is very small? . The main problem is at the location of the join between the two tubes.


solidworks oart.png


solidworks bad.png

When imported into ICEM, the part is translated perfectly except for the area of the join, where the curves

and surfaces unable to be imported correctly, and come out slightly disconnected, as seen in the images below. I have tried

several different import file types to see if this is the problem, and have still had no luck (eg STEP, IGES, parasolid, STL).


bad surface.png


bad curves.png


As you can see, the curves do not connect properly, and there is a strange small rectangular surface. Does anyone

have any idea what is causing these problems?